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About us


We are rural congregation with approximately 140 families situated just off the A5 Ballygawley to Omagh Road in Co. Tyrone  about 6 miles south of Omagh.   


Over the years  a significant number of church members have come from the farming community but in more recent years we find that although many are still involved in farming, we now see a wider and more varied range of occupations among our congregation.

We have an active Missionary Committee and have links with Naomi Keefe in Brazil, Csaba and Ilona Veres in Romania.

We have a range of activities including Campaigners, Badminton Club, Mid-week Bible Study and prayer Meeting, The Thursday Club, The Craft Club, Presbyterian Women’s Association and Indoor Bowling Club.

We would love to have you join us in some of our activities or at our services.  You can find us with Sat Nav or Google maps using BT79 0UR

Clogherney Presbyterian Church.png

Clogherney has a long history going back for almost 300 years. Although there were Presbyterians in the area as early as 1640 they did not have a permanent meeting house until 1720. During the interim they probably worshipped in a meeting house at Crevenagh, Omagh, erected about 1676, or they met in barns or in the open air, when they would have had occasional visits from a local minister.

In those days our forebears were known as the Presbyterians of Termon McGurk, that being the name of the old historic parish in which they resided. They continued to be known as such for another 50 years.  In 1720 the Synod of Ulster eventually allowed the request of the local Presbyterians to become a separate congregation on condition they build their own meeting house. This they did and in July 1721 Rev Joseph Hemphill was installed as the first minister.

The first church building was erected in the townland of Laragh in a field now owned by the Cathers family. It was a very primitive building, long and narrow with a thatched roof and a floor of clay or stone. It served its purpose but over time it became both defective and inadequate.

In 1776 the local landlord Armar Lowry Corry granted two roods of land in the townland of Dervaghroy as a site for the church and graveyard. The land was mapped by James Fenton of Raw, a member of the congregation.  By 1780 a new church was erected in what is now the graveyard. It was a large building, T shaped in design and originally had a thatched roof. In this building large crowds gathered during the 1859 Revival.

In 1897 Rev Thomas Martin was ordained and installed and it soon became apparent that the church building was in a poor state of repair. A decison was taken to erect a new church on the present site, donated by Andrew Clements of Dervaghroy. Mr Martin gave outstanding leadership, devoting himself with energy and enthusiasm, including three journeys to the USA to raise funds. Sadly Mr Martin, ‘a pastor greatly beloved by his people’, died in 1904 aged 29 years.

The McKinney Memorial Hall was erected in 1979 and another suite of rooms were provided in 1992.  2016 saw the commencement of building for the church as is it now iwhich was completed October 2017.

Ministerial Record

Rev Joseph Hemphill                             1721-1747
Rev Joseph Scott                                   1752-1780
Rev James Kerr                                      1781-1823
Rev Archibald Armstrong                       1823-1849
Rev Joseph McCaskie                           1850-1864
Rev Samuel Cochrane                           1865-1891
Rev Thomas Alexander Smyth               1891-1897
Rev Thomas Martin                                1897-1904
Rev James Morrow Patterson                 1905-1926
Rev Adam Alexander Kirkpatrick            1926-1932
Rev William Herbert Martin                    1933-1940
Rev William George McKinney               1941-1967
Rev Henry Gray                                      1968-1973
Rev Henry  John Clarke                          1974-1986
Rev Stephen Thomas Atkinson              1988-1992
Rev Norman Scott Harrison                    1994-2001
Rev Dr John William Lockington             2003-2009
Rev Norman Smyth                                 2013-2019

Rev Robert McFaul                                   2022-

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